Riot releases new teaser for the 2019 PROJECT event

Who could be joining the PROJECT skin line this year?

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed the teaser trailer for League of Legends‘ PROJECT event, which usually brings some of the best skins in the game. The video only lasts 12 seconds, with a caption that reads “we can’t control the monsters we create…”

In the video, we’re shown a wall with a glowing PROJECT logo. Suddenly, bullets rain down onto the wall and a huge slash cuts right through the logo. It’s a clear hint toward the champions that will be getting the PROJECT skins this year.

For the bullets, it’s relatively easy to assume that the first skin will be for Jinx. There aren’t many champions who use guns in the game that fire that quickly, unless it’s from a minigun. The second part of the teaser is a bit more mysterious, though.

A pretty generic slash could represent a variety of champions that use blades, but since every PROJECT skin has been for humans so far, we can assume that the next champion will also be a human, like Pyke or Talon.

Riot should reveal the champions and PROJECT event very soon.