Riot recreates some of League’s biggest pro plays by enabling hilarious emotes

Thank you for the laughs, Riot.

Image via Riot Games

There are certain League of Legends plays that will never be forgotten—and Riot’s making sure of it.

The League Esports Twitter recreated some monumental moments in the game’s history today, enabling emotes for a hilarious twist.

Among the pro plays is T1 mid laner Faker’s historic Zed one-vs-one against former KT Bullets mid laner Ryu. The Unkillable Demon King was able to outplay Ryu with a sliver of health, using well-coordinated shadows to come out on top. To make the play that much more amusing, Riot added the penguin raising its top hat emote for maximum level BM.

G2 Esports also made an appearance, as Soraka’s “Everything is Okay” emote hovers over the team’s heads right before top laner TheShy landed a four-man knock up to help Invictus Gaming win a team fight handily.

And nobody can forget the day Fnatic mid laner xPeke literally coined the term for backdooring a Nexus at the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice. The former pro used Kassadin to defeat SK Gaming, teleporting back and forth while weaving auto attacks on the enemy base. Riot slapped the “Bee Sad” emote on former SK top laner Kev1n, which certainly embodied his feelings at the time.

With live esports events suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, League fans can at least relive these iconic moments in a new way.