Riot “rebalancing the ADC meta” with Aphelios, Kalista, and Senna nerfs in League Patch 10.8 preview

But ADCs like Xayah, Tristana, and Ashe are getting some love.

Image via Riot Games

Some big changes are about to hit the bot lane.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter previewed Patch 10.8 today, which hopes to rebalance the ADC meta. While Senna and Aphelios once again find themselves on the naughty list, other underwhelming AD carries are getting some love.

Aphelios has been nerfed in nearly every patch since his release, proving to be a real burden on the balance team. Senna has similarly upended the meta as a support and ADC—and she’ll pay the price for it. With Kalista top becoming a popular counter to the bruiser-heavy meta, Riot will likely try to bring the Spear of Vengeance back to the bot lane.

While those champions are getting nerfed, the ADC meta should be opened up with more traditional markswomen getting buffed. Xayah, Tristana, and Ashe should receive more power in Patch 10.8, along with support champ Soraka.

Late-game wonders Ryze and Orianna are also being buffed since they can’t cut it against assassins like Talon, Diana, and Fizz. And Urgot will get some buffs to accompany his new Pajama Guardian skin.

Master Yi is getting smacked with the nerf hammer again, likely due to the funnel strategy. Funneling allows Yi to collect gold and XP from jungle camps and lane, creating an unstoppable wuju force that’s nearly impossible to counter.

The Patch 10.8 adjustments are tentative and liable to change before hitting the live servers.