Riot preparing for League Autofill and Duo Parity global launch after testing yields positive results

Autofill Parity will launch to all regions first, with Duo Parity following after.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends fans can finally say goodbye to the autofill players costing them tons of LP—well, sort of.

League lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter updated the community on Autofill and Duo Parity being tested in today’s Dev Corner post. The developer explained that the new features are working as intended in the two test regions, significantly decreasing the percentage of mismatched lobbies.

The Autofill and Duo Parity systems were created to balance the amount of autofill and duo players on each team. It was frustrating for players to have multiple autofilled players on their team forced to play a role they’re inexperienced at while their opponents had none. Riot created the Parity system to combat this inconsistency and it appears to be working.

Prior to the Autofill Parity system, 11.4 percent of matches were uneven. Since the feature hit the live servers in Patch 10.4, that number has dropped down to 0.97 percent. Though queue times increased since Autofill Parity hit the two test regions, it was only by a few seconds.

The amount of matches where teams had an uneven amount of duos has also dropped dramatically. While the percentage was previously 59 percent, Duo Parity dropped that number to 21 percent. Though Riot wants to push Duo Parity even further, devs run the risk of hurting queue times significantly or creating unfair match quality due to MMR spread.

Riot is in the process of rolling the Autofill Parity system out to all regions globally. Duo Parity will follow suit after the autofill system’s stable launch.


Andreas Stavropoulos
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