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The 2020 League of Legends ranked season has begun, will debut new Autofill Parity feature

The climb to challenger begins.

The wait is finally over for League of Legends players around the world. The 2020 ranked season has finally started. People can now begin the perpetual climb toward the top of their respective ladders to see how good they truly are among the rest of their peers.

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This year, there have been several big changes to Summoner’s Rift. From new dragon systems and changing elemental environments to new alcoves in the top and bottom lanes, this season should be one of the most exciting yet. Fans should also be excited to see how the various new champions will affect the meta moving forward. Aphelios and the upcoming release of Sett should influence how games are played and drafted for soon.

Additionally, Riot Games is making some big improvements to the ranked matchmaking system for 2020. One of the biggest issues that players had last season was the stunning amount of autofills that were given out over the course of the year.

Although Riot isn’t removing autofill from the game, the team is trying to make sure that every player has an even and balanced playing field with a new system called Autofill Parity. If people are autofilled into roles that they don’t usually play, the system will ensure that each team has the same amount of autofilled players. This way, some matches won’t be as lopsided as before.

More information about this system will be revealed later by Riot this coming weekend and next week. Fans should also look forward to more news and announcements about the League universe, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, new champions, and new skins.

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