Riot plans to start regional testing for Clash this summer

Get ready for another round of testing.

Image via Riot Games

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After months of delays and regional tests, Riot Games released a long-awaited update on Clash today, detailing its plan for the tournament feature’s fixes and additional testing later this year.

In previous Clash tests, too many games were starting simultaneously, resulting in an overload of the platform. Riot implemented short-term fixes, but the overall structure of the tournament mode needed to change to see a long-term solution.

“Our goal is to strike the right balance between reducing server load and preserving the tournament format to ensure Clash is still the exciting competitive experience we’ve promised,” Riot IAmWalrus said.

Before any further testing can take place, Riot plans to add three revisions to the current Clash structure: consecutive bracket starts, two single-day tournaments instead of three, and an additional bracket repair system.

The League of Legends developer has already begun moving forward with the tournament mode’s development and plans to kick off another phase of internal testing soon. Riot said that regional testing will begin this summer, although the exact expected dates remain unknown. If the second testing period goes well and all checks out, Clash will then enter a global beta period prior to its official launch.

With the number of false starts and failed tests players have seen with Clash in the past, League fans may finally see the tournament feature back in action soon—and (hopefully) yielding better results.