Riot plans to prevent item changes from negatively impacting non-marksmen

Changes to marksmen items will not affect non-marksmen.

Image via Riot Games

Several League of Legends players fear future changes towards marksmen and attack damage or lethality items will have an adverse effect on other non-marksmen champions, such as Yasuo. But, it seems like Riot Games is well aware of this and is already looking into changes towards these non-marksmen, to modify certain areas of their kit in order to keep them relevant.

Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot’s lead champion designer, was answering questions on the League of Legends message boards, about this particular topic. “I’d expect we’d need to make some adjustments to a few non-marksmen if modifying crit (Yasuo, GP, Trynd etc),” Meddler said. “[The] likely goal would be to keep them at their current power level approximately.”

This is welcome news to those fearing that all of the ADC changes would have a negative effect on other champions. Overall, although some champions use these soon-to-be-altered items in their builds, Riot seems to have a plan in regards to keeping these non-marksmen viable.

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