Riot is planning an update for Cho’Gath’s abilities

Cho's old-school animations will hopefully be a thing of the past.

Image via Riot Games

Cho’Gath has been around since the very beginning of League of Legends in 2009 and, unfortunately, he looks like he’s about that old, too.

Cho has some of the clunkiest, most unpolished animations in the game. As Riot continues to expand its list of redesigned champions, there aren’t many like Cho’Gath left in League anymore, which makes his old design pop out even more. It’s an eyesore, really, and although it isn’t quite as bad as Mordekaiser’s pizza feet, Riot still feels that it’s time for all that to change, according to the company’s post on the official game forums today.

Riot doesn’t feel that his overall appearance warrants a total visual update, but his abilities need some work, at least—and it only takes one Rupture to understand why that might be. Feral Scream isn’t much better, as it’s essentially a wave of pixellated squiggles that resemble electricity more than they do a scream of any kind.

Cho’Gath’s mini-redesign should ship with Patch 8.3 in about a month, and it won’t be the last. There are more single-champion updates rolling out this season, and according to Riot, they won’t all be abilities. Some might just include new loading screen art, and another undisclosed project will replace a champion’s voiceover.

Regardless, Riot says it’s “all going according to plan,” so we can expect Cho’Gath’s shiny new abilities and the mystery champion’s new voice soon. Let’s be honest, though, it can’t get much worse for old Cho’Gath, so anything’s an improvement.