Riot partnered with a non-profit organization to create League-themed prosthetic arms for kids

This partnership between several Riot staffers and Limbitless Solutions created five different styles of arms.

Photo via Riot Games

Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit organization in Orlando, Florida that creates prosthetic limbs for children, teamed up with Riot to create some spectacularly geeky League of Legends-themed arms. They look just as incredible as they sound.

The partnership doesn’t appear to be anything long-term, as some Riot staffers seem to have simply worked on it as part of a two-day hackathon of sorts, which Riot calls Thunderdome. Still, though, the five designs they finished up should make some kids, ideally kids who also play League, very happy. Unfortunately, Riot only shared four of the five designs in its announcement, but the fifth one was still revealed.

Shown below, in order from left to right, are the Maokai, Star Guardian, Illaoi, and Odyssey Jinx arms. The fifth one, which was not included in the photo, was based on Shurima. The image below shows the full version of Jinx’s arm, which was the flagship limb of the project.

Photo via Riot Games
Photo via Riot Games

Following the project, Riot also donated $5,330 to Limbitless. The money was earned during the same Thunderdome by a team of Riot staffers that auctioned off a quilt and pillows made of old Riot T-Shirts, hoodies, and more.

Limbitless, which is based out of the University of Central Florida, has created other limbs based on heroic and pop culture icons. Two of the examples given in Riot’s announcement were limbs based on the Blue Man Group and Marvel Entertainment’s Iron Man.

The League-themed limbs from Limbitless will be available in the org’s catalogue in “early 2019,” although no specific date was given.