Riot outlines nerfs to Twisted Fate’s Q damage and E attack speed, Senna’s soul droprate on minions, and more in League Patch 12.3 preview

A whole smorgasbord of nerfs are hitting some of League's beloved champions.

Image via Riot Games

When Riot Games dropped the League of Legends Patch 12.3 preview yesterday, players were stunned to hear that 14 champions were getting changes and 12 items were being adjusted. Now, the detailed version of the preview has been released, and players can check and see how much their favorite picks have been altered.

For example, Zeri mains will be glad to know that the Spark of Zaun is only getting a small change where her ultimate ability no longer gains stacks from Runaan’s Hurricane. The rest of her electric kit has been touched yet, unlike Senna, who is getting a pretty significant nerf to her AD carry form with her soul drop rate on minion kills getting reduced drastically from 10 percent to 2.7 percent.

Caitlyn has been a prime pick for most marksmen this year, and these upcoming changes shouldn’t be drastic enough to cause an exodus by the League player base. She’s only seeing a slight reduction of her AD growth, along with a 10 percent drop on her Q’s secondary damage.

Another priority pick in both pro play and solo queue is Corki, whose first Package spawn time is increasing from eight minutes to 10. The Package will also take another minute to respawn at Corki’s base, which could lower his effectiveness in the later stages of the game when a well-placed Package could seal a fight for his team.

Two other champions that are entwined in the meta today are Twisted Fate and LeBlanc—the former is getting some nerfs to his early game Q damage and E attack speed, while the latter is getting some late-game reduction to her W damage.

There have also been some significant changes to multiple items, as well as an adjustment to Ahri’s passive and Nami’s passive. Check out the full patch preview in the post above, and prepare for the changes when Patch 12.3 finally drops on live servers on Wednesday, Feb. 2.