Riot to nerf Akali, Nocturne and buff Darius, Seraphine in League Patch 11.14

The Rogue Assassin might see less playing time on-stage.

Image via Riot Games

In today’s detailed preview of League of Legends‘ upcoming Patch 11.14, Riot Games has revealed some extensive changes to some of the more popular champions of the game, both in professional play and in solo queue.

Two of the biggest changes in the patch so far are the nerfs to Akali and Nocturne, two champions that have taken over the pro scene this Summer Split. First, the Rogue Assassin has been a premium choice for many mid laners across the world due to her massive damage output and outplay ability. In Patch 11.14, however, she might see less playing time due to the nerfs heading her way.

Riot lead game designer Jeevun Sidhu outlined changes that would lower Akali’s ultimate damage for both the first and second parts of the ability. The first part of Perfect Execution will now do 15 less damage at all levels, while the second portion has had its damage lowered by a whopping 45 damage at all levels. The developers have also removed her ability to cast Five-Point Strike while in her E animation.

Nocturne has also risen in playtime as a solo laner, because he is able to set up skirmishes well with his ultimate, while also being able to survive relatively well in lane with the healing on his passive, Umbra Blades. By lowering the healing from minions by 50 percent, Nocturne might see a shift back to the jungle since his sustain might not be able to carry him through the early stages of a laning phase.

As for buffs, Darius is getting a significant buff to his passive’s bonus AD increase, while also lowering the cooldown of his Apprehend ability. This should help his ability to take and win specific trades in the early game. Seraphine, on the other hand, is getting some decent buffs to her High Note ability, with increases of five heading over to both her base Q damage and its AP ratio. The Starry-Eyed Songstress has always been known for her great poke in the laning phase as a support, but this should also help her farm a bit easier in a solo lane.

Riot also made some adjustments to a handful of champions in terms of their flexibility in different roles, with Dr. Mundo, Irelia, Lillia, and Tahm Kench getting some changes to their kits. Patch 11.14 should be dropping to live servers on Thursday, July 8.

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