Riot Mort on this week’s Teamfight Tactics data: “Poppy’s the current hot champ”

The Yordle really knows how to swing that hammer.

Image via Riot Games

This week’s hot champion in Teamfight Tactics is a lovable Yordle—and no, it’s not Teemo.

Riot Games’ lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer told fans in a tweet today that Poppy’s win rate in TFT has seen a dramatic increase since last week.

“Poppy’s the current hot champ, more than doubling how often she’s in winning comps,” Mort said.

The Yordle’s success is likely due to the buff to Knights in Patch 9.18, which increased their damage reduction from 15/30/55 to 15/35/65.

Not every unit is sharing the same success as Poppy, however. Volibear is now the unit that’s least likely to win, according to Mort. Pantheon’s success was also hit hard, likely due to 9.18’s nerfs. The Dragonslayer’s health pool was decreased from 1,000 to 850 and his attack damage was clipped from 80 to 75.

And Leona’s appearance in winning team compositions is 40 percent less than the previous week. Her slump may be tied to Pantheon’s nerfs since the two were often paired together for an overpowered Guardian buff.

Mort also explained that the Ranger class is on the decline, even though Kindred’s success is rising.

These trends may see a change soon with Patch 9.19 right around the corner.