20 November 2017 - 21:10

A bug on Riot's Merch store allowed users to see other people's personal information

If you have an account on Riot's Merch Store website, be warned!
Image via Riot Games

Riot was meant to launch its highly-anticipated Merch Store event—including new figures, t-shirts, and memorabilia—at 11am PT today. Many League of Legends fans were eagerly waiting to purchase these shiny new goods. But they found something else instead.

Once buyers had picked out their items, put them into the online shopping cart, and went to checkout, they realized something was terribly wrong. A critical bug at checkout caused people to login to an account that wasn't theirs—and they could now see nearly all of that person's information.

Personal details such as email addresses, home addresses, and even digits of credit cards could be seen by the person logged into the account. After a few minutes of the new site being up, Riot noticed this glaring problem and decided to take the site down to try and fix the issue.

Dot Esports asked Riot about the bug on Facebook, and the developer confirmed that it was looking to fix the problem swiftly and get the site back online as soon as possible. Riot said it wouldn't relaunch the site until the issue was completely fixed.

Riot has not yet given details on what exactly caused the problem. The developer is now keeping fans up-to-date with the issue on Facebook, and has promised to update fans when the site is live once again.

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