Riot Meddler reveals first thoughts on Senna’s power at release

Senna is falling into the expectations Riot set for her.

Image via Riot Games

It’s only been five days since the release of League of Legends‘ newest champion, Senna. But Riot Games already has a few opening thoughts on her projected balance moving forward.

Riot’s design director Andrei “Meddler” van Roon said that Senna is a bit stronger than the company anticipated on release, but she isn’t so strong that immediate changes have to be made. Riot will wait for people to start understanding and mastering her kit a bit more before making a decision.

She won’t have any adjustments headed her way in Patch 9.23, but Riot will assess her again once the preseason changes hit the live servers since that will also affect how she’s played in solo queue. There are plenty of changes that will shift the meta entirely, so expect multiple adjustments to various champions before the year is done.

As for builds, both AD carry and support Senna look like viable choices for players. Support players can build lethality and enchanter items on her, and be effective throughout the game. Her slow auto-attack animation has given her Riot’s intended weaknesses, which is a vulnerability to area-of-effect spells and skill shots while attacking.

But Senna is far too strong in ARAM. Her soul production is being brought back down in that specific game mode to limit her power as the match progresses. Initially, her soul production was actually boosted up on the Howling Abyss, but her performance in the special game mode has prompted Riot to nerf her.