Riot looking to expand on League’s Challenges system, Eternals, and Champion Mastery soon

Player systems could be getting some big changes in the near future.

Image via Riot Games

Over the course of the past decade, League of Legends has evolved from a simple MOBA title with a small player base to one of the most-played PC titles of all time. The massive international success of the game has propelled Riot Games to new heights when it comes to special in-client possibilities.

In 2023, however, some players still have some gripes with certain aspects of the game, including a lack of variety when it comes to certain player systems like Challenges, Eternals, and champion mastery. Luckily for them, game director Pu “Pupulasers” Liu teased some expansions to these systems moving into near future.

“There are a lot of ways League can better serve players, and high among our priorities are finding ways to better satisfy player motivations around progression and personal identity,” Pupulasers said on the League subreddit. “While I do think League has historically under-indexed toward improving existing, released features in favor of new shinies, we do have a lot of exciting new things we’re working on that we feel could really positively transform your experience.”

Image via Riot Games

First, Pupulasers quickly acknowledged that the current Challenge system is not nearly as developed as it could be, and said that it could be used to deliver more event-driven and focused objectives for players to complete throughout their games. Eternals, on the other hand, have been underused and forgotten by the player base, and if Riot were to invest resources into making changes, it would be towards giving champ-specific goals to achieve.

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The grand question on champion mastery was tackled last, and how there isn’t much distinction between those with shallow mastery compared to the most-dedicated one-tricks. He also said that there could be an opportunity to expand mastery past champions, and into aspects like role or class.

Ultimately, there were no promises on what kind of changes could be in-store for summoners, but Pupulasers ensured that the team is continuing to work on that perfect middle ground between improving existing systems and releasing new ones. He also said that across this work, the developers will be optimizing systems for short-term and long-term player value.

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