Riot launches new True Damage merchandise

Get your wallets ready.

Image via Riot Games

Get your wallets ready, True Damage fans. Riot Games dropped four new clothing items for fans of the League of Legends hip-hop band today in the True Damage merch store.

Included in the launch are two T-shirts, an orange Akali-themed hoodie, and a black long-sleeve shirt. Each of the T-shirts sell for $35, while the hoodie and the long-sleeve shirt are available for $65 and $48, respectively.

Of all the items included in today’s drop, only the Akali Line hoodie represents a True Damage member. The hoodie features a sketch image of True Damage Akali on the front, with the group’s name in block letters down each of the sleeves. The rest of the shirts feature generic images, including a skull, the True Damage logo, and a body outline.

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Riot teased the worldwide launch earlier in the week, uploading images to its Facebook page and the True Damage website. It’s currently unclear if other members from the hip-hop group will receive their own merchandise in the future.

Fans of the five-member musical group can purchase the merchandise items from the online True Damage store.

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