Riot is rebuilding League of Legends Modes team to ‘make new Modes easier to ship’

Some fresh ideas are coming to game modes.

Image via Riot Games

Game modes, like Ultimate Rapid Fire and Ultimate Spellbook, are constantly rotating in League of Legends, with players getting the chance to play one of a few select modes with almost every patch. This system has been going on for years now, leading to some players getting fed up with the lack of variety.

Thankfully, the devs at Riot have promised they will be making some big changes to game modes in the near future.

In a recent post on Reddit, Ken Adams, the product lead on events, loot, skins, and more at Riot, answered some questions about the state of the game. One of the topics he highlighted was game modes. Adams said Riot is currently working on rebuilding the Modes teams to bring forth some new and exciting ideas.

Adams underlined the concern from players about the the lack of game of modes and said the devs team will have “more to share on this in the future, but the tl;dr is that we are rebuilding our Modes team with a focus on making Modes easier to ship.” As a result of the proposed changes, the devs should be able to create some “fresh experiences.”

Riot is also looking at making some changes to ARAM and experimenting with some fun new additions. “[We are] exploring fun ARAM updates with some cool QoL stuff,” Adams said.

There are currently no timelines or specific details about the changes coming to modes. But there are some “super promising ideas” to look forward to, according to Adams.