Riot is looking into high ping problems that plagued Clash matches over the weekend

Many players reported several issues.

Image via Riot Games

During this past weekend’s Clash tournament, a large group of League of Legends players reported multiple issues with high ping, lag, and crashes. If you were a part of this unfortunate group, don’t worry too much—Riot Games has acknowledged these complaints and will be searching for the root of the problems.

It feels like Clash has been cursed since its failed launch in 2018. The original tests ended up being postponed due to technical issues and every attempt afterward continued to disappoint. It’s been two years since then, and although things have improved dramatically, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the developers just yet.

During the latest Clash tournament this weekend, multiple players said that their ping skyrocketed from their normal 20 to anywhere from 80 to 120—but it actually felt like it was running on 200 ping or more. Some people even reported that they were kicked completely out of the server and stayed disconnected, leaving the rest of their team to play with a deficit.

Clients were also bugging out due to the server issues. Some people didn’t get a scouting phase, preventing them from banning certain champs from their opponents. Others were reportedly stuck in the Waiting for Opponent screen, unable to start their games.

It completely ruined their experience of the game mode and even cost some people their series wins. It’s unfortunate that Clash hasn’t been able to work for Riot since this has been one of the most requested game modes from the general League player base.

Clash testing went well for Riot last December, but it’s clear that the servers weren’t prepared for such a huge amount of users going live at the same time. Riot will likely try to resolve these issues in time for the next iteration of Clash.