Riot is investigating a bug where TFT units cost more gold than they’re worth

The bug seems to happen when upgrading units.

Image via Riot Games

A new Teamfight Tactics bug that’s eating players’ gold seems to be plaguing the community. Riot has acknowledged the issue and is investigating it.

Players aired their frustrations in a Reddit post today, explaining that buying units was costing them extra gold than the price shown. The issue seems to occur when players upgrade their units.

Multiple players confirmed that upgrading certain units from level one to two took extra gold.

Screengrab via Riot Games

“It happened to me two games,” one player said. “I’m not sure what I was doing the first game I just thought I did my calculations wrong then the second game I was upgrading a Shyvana and the third Shyvana ended up costing five gold instead of three.”

Gold is the crux of strategy and an important commodity in the autobattler. Any bug that eats players’ gold can severely disrupt gameplay and cause players to lose League Points (LP).

TFT’s lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer commented on the post, saying that developers are looking for a fix.

“We’re investigating this ASAP,” Mortimer said.

Eager TFT fans seeking to climb the rank ladder might want to practice in normals until the bug is fixed.