Riot is considering adding voice or announcer packs to League of Legends


Image via Riot Games

It looks like the folks at Riot Games are looking to implement new features into League of Legends sometime in the future, with one of the biggest fan requests on the table.

Ken Adams, the product manager for League of Legends, has been asking for players’ opinions on social media on if they would like to see voice or announcer packs added to the game in the future.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a MOBA would include the option for new in-game announcers. Games like Heroes of the Storm have had this feature for a while now and offer a way to shake up the in-game audio. The default announcer everyone hears saying “Double Kill” over and over again can be changed by one of the playable characters’ voice in Heroes, and this could be something that Riot is considering for League too.

League once had announcer packs in the game, albeit for a limited time, such as when Phreak and Kobe lent their voices to Summoner’s Rift.

Now, however, fans will be hoping that these features will be permanent if there’s enough want for them. But fans will have to wait for an announcement from Riot Games to know when these packs will join League, and we have no idea how long it could take for this to happen.