Riot is bringing Autofill Balance to League in Patch 10.6

Get ready for a better matchmaking experience.

Image via Riot Games

Autofilled games have been the bane of many League of Legends players’ existence since the mechanic was added to matchmaking a few years ago. But now, Riot Games has made big changes to try to rectify some of the complaints the community has brought up.

The new matchmaking system will be less likely to create games where teams don’t have the same number of autofilled players, Riot announced today. This should ensure that most games are even and fair, since many teams with autofilled players struggle a bit more than people on their main roles.

Wait times for matches will increase a bit while the system tries to place the same amount of autofilled players on both teams, or it’ll try to create a game with no autofills at all.

Riot also said that removing autofill isn’t possible without creating unbearable queue times, but at least each match should stay relatively balanced.

Another change that Riot is looking to implement in the coming patches is the ability to equal out the number of premade groups on each team. Plenty of people have experienced the horrible situation of facing against a premade duo in the bottom lane while everyone on their own team is a solo player. Premade combos have huge advantages over solo players since they can communicate everything that they wish to do with ease.

Riot’s first tests were successful early on, but when combined with Autofill Parity, it made for even bigger discrepancies in MMR. For now, the company will be releasing the Autofill balance changes and save the Premade balance changes for another patch.


Tyler Esguerra
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