Riot intends to nerf Aphelios and add clarity to his kit in Patch 10.1 and beyond

Aphelios will be getting some critical adjustments soon.

Image via Riot Games

It’s only been a week since the release of League of Legends‘ new champion, Aphelios, but the community has already had some big issues with his kit and how he works as an opponent on Summoner’s Rift. Riot Games plans to send some nerfs to the champion, however, while also adding some much-needed clarity to his kit.

First, there’s going to be a significant nerf that will be decreasing the damage from his ultimate ability effect when paired with his Infernum weapon. When Aphelios hits multiple champions with an Infernum-enhanced Moonlight Vigil, the overlapping damage from the splash will now only do 75 percent damage instead of 100 percent.

Infernum has been undeniably the best weapon to use with his ultimate due to its raw damage output in a teamfight. If Aphelios managed to hit all five champions in a late-game skirmish, he could one-shot several people with one ability.

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Another big complaint that the League community had with Aphelios is the lack of visual clarity around his kit, what he has available, and how strong he truly is. Lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter said that although these changes haven’t been locked down completely, the developers are “exploring showing both guns to enemies and sniper Q / R readability improvements.”

If opposing players are able to clearly see what Aphelios has available to him, they can play accordingly. Right now, too many people are struggling to play against him since there aren’t any visual cues to what he can really provide to a teamfight.