Riot is giving Ignite a shiny new look in League’s Patch 10.18

It’s lit.

Image via Riot Games

Ignite, League of Legends’ damage over time summoner spell, is receiving a much-needed visual effect update in Patch 10.18.

The update, according to League VFX artist Sirhaian, will “improve [the spell’s] visual quality while greatly reducing how noisy it was, but trying to keep its importance level.”

The new and improved Ignite is vastly more vibrant and colorful than its live server version. It’s clearer and easy to see, and in a messy teamfight with spells and visual effects exploding left, right, and center, it’ll almost certainly stand out. 

It also clearly communicates when the individual ticks of the debuff occur, pulsating bright orange and yellow each second. This should give players a good idea of the duration of the spell, allowing them to react accordingly, use Cleanse, heal up, or simply disengage.

League lead VFX artist Oliver “Beardilocks” McDonald outlined all the visual updates coming to Patch 10.18. The goal of “these smaller scope updates is to improve the overall gameplay clarity of VFX whilst bringing them up to modern League of Legends standards,” Beardilocks said in a Reddit post.

As well as Ignite, some of League’s oldest champions—Nocturne, Viktor, and Malazhar—are being “spruced” up and “modernized” in Patch 10.18.

All of these changes should go live on the PBE over the next few days.

Patch 10.18 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, Sept. 2. 

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