Riot hotfixes Sylas after changes “undershot” in League Patch 10.1

Here we go again.

Image via Riot Games

The chain-wielding mid lane champion Sylas received an extensive set of buffs in League of Legends Patch 10.1. But it apparently wasn’t enough, according to lead game designer Mark Yetter.

“Sylas changes in 10.1 undershot,” he wrote on Twitter, detailing a hotfix focusing on the champion’s sustained base damage for bruiser builds. The changes to Sylas in 10.1 were originally designed to shift his mechanics to give him more weaknesses at high elos while still making him a viable champion for the majority of players.

In doing so, he was meant to no longer have the lane control he once previously had, but his damage, tankiness, and cooldowns were intended to scale much better in the later game. While this was the clear intention from Riot, the changes to Sylas appeared to have backfired. 

Instead of turning into a late-game scaling menace, he’s fallen short of his mark, lacking the damage and sustainability to make an impact in the game. To counter his irrelevance in solo queue and push him back up the ladders, away from his devasting 43 percent win rate in platinum and above, Riot has increased the primary damage on his Petricite Burst (Passive) and increased his attack speed while active. 

To add insult to injury, Riot has also buffed the damage on Chain Lash (Q) and reduced the damage on Kingslayer (W). These changes should help to strengthen the champion and put him in a better place, but they could be overkill. He’s only just been buffed and the small amount of data surely isn’t enough to determine his power level. 

Whatever happens, Sylas is guaranteed to see more action in solo queue.