Riot hit by ‘social engineering attack’ that will affect patch cadence for multiple titles

The attack may affect delivery dates for patches, new content, and more.

Image via Riot Games

Right before the start of various leagues in the League of Legends esports circuit, Riot Games has declared today that systems in the company’s development environment “were compromised via a social engineering attack.”

Not many details have been shared by the developers just yet, but the team does not see any indication that player data, passwords, user names, or personal information were taken. In the coming weeks, Riot will be investigating the issues thoroughly and return with its findings to the public in due time.

Although the player base’s data was seemingly saved, this attack will affect upcoming content releases across many of Riot’s various titles, including League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and VALORANT.

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For example, League‘s upcoming Patch 13.2 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, Jan. 25, featuring the long-awaited Ahri art and sustainability update, several major power shifts across a collection of champions, and the newest set of Lunar New Year skins. Because of the attack’s effect, the Ahri ASU might be shifted to Patch 13.3, which is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Patch 13.2 was also going to bring further balance updates to Teamfight Tactics, but those changes might be delayed. The developers are looking to apply the full scope of the patch through an upcoming hotfix, but any changes that can’t make this patch will be applied in Patch 13.3.