Riot handing out free Eternal Capsule during summer League event, Series 2 coming in 2021

Time to track more stats.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games updated fans on Eternals in today’s League of Legends blog post, discussing the future of the feature and its second series slated to release in January 2021.

Fans can look forward to one new Eternals Series per season, as well as additional ways to earn them and new features. And new Eternal Capsules allow players to earn more free rewards by simply playing the game.

Image via Riot Games

“By completing missions during events, earning a new fourth tier Ranked Split Reward, or qualifying for and receiving a Victorious skin during a season, players will receive an Eternal Capsule that contains Set Shards for RP-only Eternals sets,” Riot said.

Eternals allow players to showcase achievements on the Rift, tracking big milestones and unique stats for their favorite champions. The upcoming summer event will hand out free Eternal Capsules for progressing through the mission chain.

Split Three in the 2020 season will also offer an Eternal Capsule, as well as every split going forward for players who earn 750 Split Points. And ranking Gold or higher by the season’s end will earn you a specific Eternals Set for the Victorious champion, along with their skin.

Riot is also planning new features for Series Two, such as a personal record for each Eternal and exclusive emotes.