Riot gives League players a look into Dr. Mundo’s twisted medical practices with new lore

"Me run respektabul practis. Me kare abowt pashints."

Image via Riot Games

The reworked version of League of Legends’ resident medical maniac, Dr. Mundo, has been released. And now, Riot Games has written up a new piece of lore so that fans can get a deep dive into the dark and corrupted mind of the Madman of Zaun.

The lore isn’t written in a typical storybook fashion, though. Instead, it’s written as if Mundo himself wrote in his “medikul jernel” to keep track of every single day that he takes care of his unfortunate patients. The journal starts off on Day 283, where the doctor says he hasn’t had a single person come into his office for help. Based on his thoughts, he’s happy since that means that people aren’t sick.

After a couple of journal entries, however, Mundo becomes worried that people are avoiding the doctor and decides to look for some people in need of assistance. He eventually finds a man in a fancy suit that says he wants to turn his medical building into a chemical factory. Of course, the good doctor said he sounded “krayzee,” so he took him to a padded cell while he prepared for his diagnosis.

First, Mundo uses electricity to try and heal the patient by zapping his brain. The man’s screams told Mundo that he was doing a good job, because “that is da sownd peepul make when yuu cure them.” But the patient didn’t seem to be improving. He was getting louder from his cell and the electricity didn’t seem to be working anymore. So Mundo resorted to getting some opinions from a “nurs” who told him to finally perform surgery before hissing at him and running up a fence.

Much to the dismay of Mundo, the patient didn’t pull through after the procedure—also known as a lobotomy—so he was forced to throw the man in the garbage. It’s the worst part of the job, but sometimes you can’t save everyone and science can only go so far. Hopefully, the next patient Mundo finds will be saved by our wonderful doctor.

If you want to take control of Dr. Mundo on Summoner’s Rift, you can try out his complete VGU on the live servers now.

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