Riot gives fans a sneak peek of reworked Volibear’s model and E animation


Image via Riot Games

Riot gave fans a first look at the Volibear rework today—and it’s un-bear-ably terrifying.

After League of Legends fans voted for Volibear and Fiddlesticks to receive champion updates last year, Riot finally showed off a sneak peek of the ursine champion’s new look. Today’s lengthy dev blog revealed Volibear’s in-game model and gave fans a look into the development process.

Image via Riot Games

Volibear’s new look is regal, powerful, and ferocious—exactly what you’d expect from a bear god. The champion stands tall and proud, with massive icicles protruding from his back, arms, and legs. But when his enemies try to flee, Voli gets on all fours to chase down his prey.

As far as his abilities go, Riot hasn’t revealed specifics. But gameplay designer Nathan “Lutzburg” Lutz explained that his new abilities will feel like “modern takes” of his old kit.

“He still runs on all fours and locks down a single target,” Lutzburg said. “He still has a targeted bite… He still has rampaging attack speed and chain lightning, only now it lasts for as long as he remains in combat.”

While details on Voli’s kit will remain a secret for now, Riot did show off the VFX on the thundergod’s E.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Several layers of animation come together to create a “shockwave flash” on the floor that leaves behind a “glowing crater.”

Fans also got to see the model for Northern Storm Volibear, which gives him some arctic digital camo. And even though Riot decided not to go with the Eldritch Horror theme for the rework, the dev team will give out the “Thousand Pierced” Volibear skin for free upon release.

Image via Riot Games

Riot hasn’t given a set release date for the Volibear rework but explained that there’s a “streak storm fast-approaching,” possibly hinting that its release is coming soon.