Riot Games reveals tentative Patch 9.16 changes for Teamfight Tactics

Hextech units will be hitting boards when 9.16 drops.

Image via Riot Games

As we approach the release date for League of Legends‘ Patch 9.16, Riot Games has revealed a list of tentative changes for Teamfight Tactics. Riot outlined new units being added to the game and various buffs and nerfs to multiple champions.

The new Hextech trait will be dropping in Patch 9.16, which is also introducing four new champions to the live servers. Camille, Jayce, Vi, and Jinx will all be hopping into the fray on patch day.

When a player collects two or four of these Hextech units, they’ll throw a pulse bomb that will temporarily disable nearby enemy items for eight seconds. Along with a new trait, Riot is also reworking the Hush and Demon traits, which could bring huge changes to the meta.

Several items and champions are getting changed in this patch, too. Ahri, Katarina, Miss Fortune, and Zed are all getting buffed. Infinity Edge, Locket of the Iron Solari, and Redemption will be getting buffed as well, along with the Wild trait.

Many powerful meta picks will be nerfed, on the other hand, due to their ability to affect games with their pure power. Braum, Cho’Gath, Karthus, and Kha’Zix are all meta-defining champions that are getting nerfed in 9.16. Statikk Shiv and Ionic Spark will also be nerfed after becoming almost-mandatory items in most team compositions.

As always, most of these adjustments are subject to change if Riot finds that they aren’t satisfactory. But these do look like really good targets to fix and could help shake up the TFT scene once again when the patch hits on Wednesday, Aug. 14.