Riot Games releases Lux comic teaser video

"The realm is safe and the people are happy—unless you’re a mage."

Image via Riot Games

After sending out a teaser video on its social media, Riot Games has finally revealed what it has been hiding from League of Legends fans—a teaser trailer showing off pages from the upcoming Lux comic book, in collaboration with Marvel Comics.

Riot captioned the tweet with, “In the shining city of Demacia, order reigns. The realm is safe and the people are happy—unless you’re a mage.” Riot also revealed that this will be a five-part comic mini-series, available for reading on the League of Legends comic webpage on May 8, 2019.

The story seems to revolve around Lux and her life in Demacia, and how she must cope with being a mage in a kingdom that persecutes them. Her brother and fellow champion, Garen, is also seen in the video multiple times. The conflict of the comic may reside with Lux having to choose between siding with the oppressed mages of the realm, or with her brother and the powers of Demacia.

One of Riot’s newest champions, Sylas, is likely to be featured in the comic as well—he and Lux built a close bond while he was in prison, and he ended up stealing her powers in order to destroy his captives and escape. That could also be another plot point in the story, with the rest of Demacia shunning Lux because of her involvement with Sylas.

This will be Riot’s second collaboration with Marvel Comics this year. The first comic that the two worked on and released was Warmother, which explained Ashe’s backstory and how she managed to find her iconic bow. Don’t forget to read up the first issue of Lux when it releases in two weeks.