Riot Games makes some big changes to Ryze and Sylas in Patch 9.12

Both champions were incredibly powerful solo lane picks.

Image via Riot Games

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Ryze and Sylas have been strong picks for quite some time now and have terrorized the top and mid lanes as a result, especially at the pro level. If you’ve been a victim of one of these champions, we have some good news—Riot Games is making some big changes to their kits in Patch 9.12.

First off, Ryze is seeing some big changes to various aspects of his kit. The Rogue Mage has been especially potent, because a well-coordinated team can play around him and his ultimate ability, Realm Warp.

“We’re chipping away at these strengths to quell his presence [at the pro scene], but at the same time, helping out those who are looking to pick him up and aren’t as precise in their combos,” Riot said in their official patch notes.

Ryze’s base mana is being lowered to 300, while his mana regeneration has been increased to eight. His Q ability will have five ranks instead of six and will no longer grant a shield to the player after consuming two runes. The spell has seen an increase of 20 to its damage, and the damage bonus now relies on Realm Warp’s rank and not Spell Flux’s rank.

Rune Prison had its mana cost lowered early and increased late and its base crowd control is now a 35 percent slow for 1.5 seconds. The spell flux bonus turns this slow into a root. Speaking of which, Spell Flux’s damage and mana cost has been lowered by 10 at each level, and will now always bounce off the primary target.

Realm Warp’s ranges have been increased a ton, with its minimum cast range now at 1000 units. and its maximum cast range at 3000 units.

As for Sylas, his passive now stores up to 2 charges and its base damage has been increased. However, the area-of-effect damage now deals 70 percent less damage against minions.

His Q detonation damage and AoE range have been decreased against minions, while his W healing has been increased by 10 at each level. Finally, Sylas no longer gets a shield on the first part of his E, Abscond—he now gains a 80/115/150/185/220 (+1.0 ability power) shield when he hits an enemy champion with Abduct.