Riot Games’ collectible Zoe figure is out now

This will be the sixth figure released in Riot Games' series three figure line.

Image via Riot Games

For those of you who can’t get enough of Zoe, the colorful mid laner now has a figure available for purchase at Riot Games’ online merchandise shop.

The figure features Zoe perched atop a rock in her base skin, looking at a butterfly sitting on her hand. Similar in size to a coffee mug, Riot’s miniature Zoe figure boasts a 5.6 inch height, and a 3.9 inch width. Part of Riot’s series three figure line, Zoe is packaged in a collectible box, which is labeled number six, as it is the sixth figure released in the set.

Image via Riot Games

The figure will cost $30, the same price as Riot’s Urf figure, which is part of the series three figure line. In addition to Zoe and Urf, Riot’s series three figure line includes K/DA Ahri, Odyssey Jinx, Championship Ashe, Teemo, and a special duo set featuring both Xayah and Rakan.

For anyone still not satiated with just the figure, Riot has also released a t-shirt featuring Zoe halfway in her portal, holding a bundle of skin shards.
The release of this Zoe collectible and shirt coincide with the champion’s one year anniversary since being released.

Zoe first hit the live League of Legends client just over a year ago, on Nov. 21. In addition to her base skin, Zoe has two in-game alternate skins: Cyber Pop Zoe and Pool Party Zoe.

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