Riot finally reveals Yone as next League champ in today’s Spirit Blossom cinematic

The trailer dives deep into Yasuo and Yone's relationship.

Screengrab via Riot Games

League of Legends fans got a first look today at the relationship between Yasuo and Yone.

Riot revealed the “Kin of the Stained Blade” cinematic today to celebrate the Spirit Blossom event, confirming who many knew would be the next champion: Yone.

The animated trailer begins with Yone seeking retribution from Yasuo and asking him to “answer” for what he’s done. The Unforgiven, having been framed for the murder of his master, wants no part in the fray but defends himself nonetheless and eventually kills his brother.

The cinematic then jumps to the present, with Yasuo seeking to commune with spirits at the festival. After accidentally running into an older man, the stranger offers to help Yasuo in his endeavor. The old man takes Yasuo to a river in the forest and proffers a drink to “help forge a bond” between the mortal and spirit realms.

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The stranger transforms into a demon, however, likely symbolizing Yasuo’s guilt preventing him from moving on. A masked swordsman appears and begins attacking the demon. Yasuo, confused, tries to defend the old man until he realizes the masked spirit is his brother.

The kinsmen then team up and deliver fatal blows to the demon.

Yasuo finally accepts his fate and asks Yone to “have [his] revenge.” But Yone denies the offer.

“You might deserve death, but not by my hand,” Yone says before disappearing into the wind.

Yasuo boards a ship on his way to Bilgewater, where he meets a hooded Ahri seeking a similar path.