Riot put the “s” in Riot Games with a new Miami Vice-themed arcade game at the NA LCS Finals

This is one of Riot's best Thunderdome projects to date

Photo via Dot Esports

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Riot Games is most famous for its only video game on the market, League of Legends. Having only one game means that the plural “Games” in Riot Games doesn’t make much sense. But the company revealed a brand new game at the NA LCS Finals in Miami this weekend.

The game is called Demacia Vice Squad, and it throws League champions Garen and Lucian into an alternate universe where they’re rough-and-tumble cops who need to beat up hordes of criminals on the Miami Vice-fueled streets of Demacia. It’s Streets of Rage meets ’80s crime drama, and it rocks.

Here’s some footage we recorded on-site of fans playing the game. When we got our hands on a controller, we played as Garen.

No, it isn’t a sprawling RPG or a technically-impressive fighter, but it’s fun, and it works very well. The game was created by Riot devs during Thunderdome, a 72-hour hackathon-type event for Riot staffers to create quick games.

We had enough time to play through the entire game and defeat the final boss, who was a gigantic Darius decked out in more neon than an average Pimp My Ride episode. Not to brag, but we did make top four on the high-score list.

It’s not clear whether Riot is going to push the game to be available for purchase eventually, but it’s certainly unlikely, as it only takes about five to 10 minutes to beat.