Riot explains how to unlock Eternals without having to buy RP

Here's a free way to grab some Eternals.

Image via Riot Games

When Riot Games announced the addition of Eternals, League of Legends‘ new in-game achievement tracker, many fans were surprised and a bit angry to find out that they could only buy them with RP. Riot listened to these complaints, however, and made some necessary changes.

First, the developer is making Eternals more accessible by creating a Starter Series pack for every champion in the game. These sets are unlocked per champion and will cost 2,500 Blue Essence or 225 RP. They include basic champion-specific Eternals, like the number of kills, assists, structures destroyed, and epic monsters killed.

All of these achievements were put in the Starter Series because they’re all relevant to any champion and also encourage team play at the same time. You also won’t need to get the last hit on a monster or structure. If you participated in its destruction with your teammates, your Eternal stats will increase.

Image via Riot Games

Another way that players can get Eternals is through a free reward during the ranked season called Eternal Capsules. These capsules will contain some orange essence and two random set shards. These shards can unlock an Eternals set for a specific champion at the cost of some orange essence. Similar to champion shards, these can also be disenchanted for orange essence if they aren’t Eternals for the champions you want.

Several players are likely happy that Riot changed up its system, but this was an update that was long overdue. The backlash that the company received from the League community was wide and unforgiving and many players lamented over this blatant cash grab from Riot.

Riot likely hopes these changes will suffice for the general League player base. There will still be some people who buy Eternals with cash, but at least this gives others a chance to show off their own achievements without having to spend their hard-earned money on it.