Riot to experiment with new decay configurations at higher League MMRs, will introduce harder ranked resets

Riot's just getting started with the preseason changes.

Image via Riot Games

So many changes have already been confirmed for the next League of Legends season—and Riot Games isn’t stopping just yet. In a new Quick Gameplay Thoughts blog post today, Cody “Codebear” Germain went into details about some adjustments headed to the ranked system of the game in the preseason and beyond.

First, he talked about the team’s plans to experiment with some new decay configurations over the next couple of months due to LP decay rates at high ranks. For example, players returning to League after taking a break found that matchmaking became too unpredictable due to the speed in which their MMR dropped during their time away from the game.

“At high MMRs (Master tier and above), decay rates have long functioned like timers ticking away to keep the best of the best at the edge of their game,” Codebear said. “However, that clock may be ticking too quickly and pushing players into places where they really don’t belong.”

Over the next few months before 2022, Riot will try out different decay patterns to see what works, while also allowing players to provide valuable feedback in the process. The devs will look to find a balance to ensure players continue playing to maintain their rank, while also giving players coming off a hiatus a chance to warm back up and find their groove again.

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Codebear also said this year’s ranked resets were too soft on the player base. Because of this, the resets will be made stronger, so that “players [can] push their skills to new boundaries, and ensures more sustainable growth and accurate system feedback.”

“Big problems have equally big solutions,” and Riot is ready to take on every issue before the start of the new year.

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