Riot details nerfs coming to Amumu, Jarvan IV, others in League Patch 11.20

The Sad Mummy has yet another reason to cry.

Image via Riot Games

Earlier today, the League of Legends development team shared detailed insights and plans surrounding Patch 11.20, the next patch set to go live on the game’s servers.

Patch 11.20 will be a relatively smaller patch in terms of champion balance as only 10 champions are planned to be altered, with six set to receive nerfs and four more on the table for buffs. 

The most notable champion to see nerfs come their way in Patch 11.20 will be Amumu. After a mini-rework to Amumu’s Bandage Toss (Q) in Patch 11.18, the ability’s damage will be reduced at higher ranks in the upcoming patch. Plus, Bandage Toss’ mana cost will be increased to 70 at all ranks. For reference, the first rank of Bandage Toss only costs 35 mana on live servers.

The buffs Amumu received over the span of the last few patches have made him a top-tier support champion as of late, with professional players such as Team Liquid’s CoreJJ, Fnatic’s Hylissang, and Cloud9’s Vulcan all adding the champion to their pools ahead of this year’s World Championship according to League stats site Lolvvv

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Beyond the Sad Mummy, champions such as Irelia, Shen, and Jarvan IV will also be nerfed in Patch 11.20. Jarvan IV in particular will have the damage dealt by his passive, Martial Cadence, reduced from 10 percent to eight percent. 

Among the four champions to receive buffs in Patch 11.20, Darius is set to be hit with a heavy increase to the power of Crippling Strike (W), as the cooldown is being reduced to five seconds at all ranks. Additionally, three classic junglers — Elise, Hecarim, and Udyr — will also receive buffs in the patch. Udyr will see the base damage of his Phoenix Stance (R) damage increased, especially at later ranks. Yesterday, Riot revealed an update on Udyr’s upcoming visual update, set to release sometime next year.  

To counteract several buffs to individual champions at the jungle position, Riot will be nerfing junglers as a whole in Patch 11.20, as Smite will only heal for ten percent of your maximum hit points when cast, as opposed to the 15 percent that it heals for in the current version of the game. 

Although Patch 11.20 will be released during this year’s League of Legends World Championship, no professional games will be played on the patch. In fact, no professional games will take place on any of the five final patches of the 2021 season. 

League of Legends Patch 11.20 is slated to release on Oct. 6, according to the official League patch schedule.

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