Riot details item adjustments in League Patch 10.24 preview

The AP mid laners will definitely feel the item nerfs.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter detailed upcoming changes in Patch 10.24, most of which focused on item adjustments and several champions nerfs, as well as a Tryndamere buff.

Five out of six Mythic ability power-oriented items are getting nerfed due their role in the recent dominance of champions in all five roles. The only AP Mythic item that escaped a nerf is Everfrost, which was barely picked by players due to its lackluster effect compared to other Mythic items.

Three legendary AP items also are getting nerfed due to overperformance in plenty of aspects compared to AD or Tank items. Demonic Embrace, Lichbane, and Nashors Tooth will be reduced in power to bring them more in line with items from other archetypes.

Other notable overperforming items that are going to get nerfed are Eclipse and Blade of the Ruined King. Eclipse became a staple for assassins because it allowed them to become skilled duelists. Instead of being able to burst them down when they’d try to engage on you, you were forced to fight an assassin who dealt a lot of damage while also receiving a huge-health shield every couple of seconds.

The only item getting buffed in the next patch is Tear of the Goddess. Its recent rework doesn’t seem to have worked out too well, as champions who acquire it at the start lose a lot of combat prowess and lane pressure due to its lack of offensive stats. If it gets some offensive stats, then it might become a staple for champions.

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