Riot confirms that Prestige K/DA Ahri and Evelynn are on the way

Two down, two to go.

Image via Riot Games

As of the 2018 Snowdown event that concluded this week, there are now Prestige editions for two K/DA skins—one for Akali and one for Kai’Sa. With the next two Prestige skins already confirmed to be for Aatrox and Vayne, some League of Legends fans were concerned that maybe Riot had forgotten about the last two K/DA members, Ahri and Evelynn. Well, we have good news for those people.

Riot staffer Stephen Mortimer confirmed on his Twitter today that not only have Ahri and Evelynn not been forgotten, but that they’ll definitely be getting their own Prestige K/DA skins. So, you know, you can complete that collection of K/DA Prestige skins if you’d like. And if you’re like us, who instantly purchased the entire K/DA bundle when it became available, you’ll probably want to complete that collection.

If you’re not yet familiar, Prestige skins are variants of other skins, but recolored to a white and gold theme for all abilities and for the design of the skin itself. Prestige K/DA Akali and Kai’Sa, for instance, were gold and white, but also had completely different costumes, hair, and ability effects, too. These aren’t just white and gold chromas, they are, for all intents and purposes, completely separate skins that simply share the same family as the original K/DA skins.

The more recent Prestige skins for Aatrox and Vayne have raised concern throughout the community that maybe they aren’t as high-quality as the original Prestige skins for Kai’Sa and Akali, but Riot hasn’t confirmed any of those suspicions yet.

There isn’t a timeline given for either K/DA Prestige skin. But seeing as though there’s been one Prestige skin per event since the first one came out, and we know that the next event with Prestige Firecracker Vayne will likely be at the end of the month, we assume we won’t see any official reveal until closer to then.