Riot confirms Korea and China will have 4 slots at 2021 League of Legends World Championship

That's a frightening prospect for NA and EU fans.

Photo via Riot Games

To incentivize teams to perform at MSI 2021, Riot introduced a new format and prize on March 30, offering an additional regional team slot at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship.

With Royal Never Give Up’s 3-2 win against DWG KIA in Sunday’s MSI finals, Riot confirmed the LPL has earned a fourth slot at Worlds 2021. The LCK, who placed second in the event, has also earned an additional slot due to “historical performance.”

Riot’s final global power rankings for the season—based on a point system introduced in 2017—decided the LCK’s extra slot at Worlds 2021. 

Before MSI, the LPL and LCK were tied for first place with 49 points apiece. Four points are awarded to the winners of the event, two points are granted for second place, and one point is given to the third and fourth place teams. 

Season 9 MSISeason 9 WorldsSeason 10 WorldsSeason 11 MSITotal points

Due to the LCS and LEC’s standings, a second, third, fourth, or even last-place finish for DWG KIA almost guaranteed an additional slot for the LCK at Worlds 2021. The LCS had just two points prior to the event, while the LEC had 28.

Worlds 2021 is expected to take place in China, Shenzhen later this year. The finals, according to Riot, will be held in the 60,334-capacity Universiade Sports Centre on Nov. 6. The Summer season, which begins in June, will determine which four LPL and LCK teams qualifies for the tournament.