Riot completes group draw for Worlds 2021

The competition is stacked and the stakes are at the highest for each team at this event.

Image via Riot Games

With only two weeks left until the start of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship, we’ve now reached the draw for the group stage of the tournament.

22 representatives from across the globe will arrive in Iceland, vying to make their mark on the biggest stage of the year.

The Summoner’s Cup is the most prestigious trophy in all of League. Only the greatest teams can even hope to lift it above their heads at the end of the month. And this year, the competition looks fiercer than ever before. There are multiple contenders, a handful of dark horse candidates, and a ton of potential for some exciting matches, surprise picks, and upset victories.

Here’s how the group draw shaped out for Worlds 2021.

Group A

  • LPL’s FunPlus Phoenix
  • LEC’s Rogue
  • Play-in representative #1

Group B

  • LPL’s EDward Gaming
  • LCS’ 100 Thieves
  • LCK’s T1
  • Play-in representative #2

Group C

  • PCS’ PSG Talon
  • LEC’s Fnatic
  • LPL’s Royal Never Give Up
  • Play-in representative #3

Group D

  • LEC’s MAD Lions
  • LCK’s Gen.G
  • LCS’ Team Liquid
  • Play-in representative #4

Before the group stage begins, however, fans should get hyped for the play-in stage of the tournament to kick off the festivities. Worlds 2021 begins on Tuesday, Oct. 5.

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