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Riot to buff Ahri, Kayle, Rumble, Miss Fortune, Jarvan IV, Twitch, and Xin Zhao in League Patch 10.18

A couple more junglers are on the buff list for next patch.

League of Legends‘ Patch 10.18 looks to be a bit busier than its predecessor, bringing a collection of buffs that might push some champions into the spotlight both in solo queue and on the professional stage.

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For example, Ahri is getting a plethora of adjustments to her kit. Her passive, Vastayan Grace, is now being removed. Instead, her passive is now Essence Theft, which was originally the passive on her Q ability. Meanwhile, her Foxfire ability is being changed so that it can be used more reliably as a wave clearing tool.

Foxfire will grant 40 percent movement speed that decays over 1.5 seconds, and will also deal 200 percent damage to minions below 20 percent health. The ability’s cooldown has increased by a second at all levels, costs 15 more mana, and has improved targeting for low health minions.

Kayle’s Q will no longer refund mana on champions hit and her mana costs on her W have increased a significant amount as well. However, her Starfire Spellblade ability will now cost no mana, will have a lowered cooldown, and the missile’s speed has been increased to 5000.

A handful of junglers, like Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV will be seeing buffs in Patch 10.18, as well as AD carries like Twitch and Miss Fortune. Rumble will also get some buffs to his kit as well, but these changes should be getting a detailed list later on this week.

As reflected in League‘s patch schedule, Patch 10.18 is scheduled to hit live servers on Wednesday, Sept. 2, but changes are liable to be made before they reach this date.

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