Riot adds new anti-shield and anti-healing abilities to Blitzcrank, Renekton, Katarina, and Kled for League’s Patch 9.14

Riot is adding natural counters to a select group of champions.

Image via Riot Games

Get ready for a new batch of mechanics coming to League of Legends. Riot Games has added new anti-shield and anti-healing abilities to a select group of champions in Patch 9.14. Blitzcrank and Renekton will both be able to break enemy shields, while Katarina and Kled are both getting changes to their kits that give them more healing reduction.

“Having natural counters to common and powerful effects in the game will help make it healthier in the long-term,” Riot said in the patch notes. “As a part of our overarching Summoner’s Rift balance strategy, we want to continue encouraging diversity in lane picks and push safer and more reliable champions to a more “sharp” space like other champions are in currently.”

First, Blitzcrank’s ultimate now destroys enemy shields before dealing damage and silencing opponents. This is a potent combination because if Blitzcrank can grab an opposing player with an existing shield, he can erase that survivability with his ultimate before the rest of his teammates can eliminate them.

Similarly, Renekton’s W will now break enemy shields as well, if he is empowered with 50 fury. This shield-break also occurs before the damage and stun too, which can make a well-timed combo extremely deadly.

Meanwhile, Katarina and Kled are both getting big healing reduction buffs on their kits. Katarina’s ultimate has had its healing reduction increased, while Kled’s Q now applies healing reduction when hit. Also, while other healing reduction sources cap out at 40 percent, Katarina and Kled’s will instead cap out at 60 percent. This makes these champions very useful against champions with heavy sustain.

“We believe, in the long term, these additions will make pros’ draft priorities more robust which can lessen the amount of nerf cycles on certain champions and allow us more opportunities to give more love and attention to others.” Riot explained.