13 November 2017 - 17:26

Riot is making it easier to earn Blue Essence, but not by much

A small portion of each First Win of the Day will be converted into BE.
Image via Riot Games

Following lots of harsh criticism from the League of Legends community, Riot will be adding Blue Essence as a reward for the new First Win of the Day bonus, according to the developer's post on the official game forums on Friday.

This isn't the first change that Riot has made to quell the sea of angry players regarding Blue Essence. Last week, the minimum BE given from loot boxes upon leveling up was raised from 720 BE to 810. For players complaining that it will be much more difficult to earn enough BE for champions, these are steps in the right direction—but it's not necessarily all good news.

In the same post that Riot promised to add BE to the daily bonus, it also dove into math behind the new system and claimed that the waves of disgruntled players are wrong in their assumptions. According to Riot, you now earn roughly 2,000 to 7,000 more BE when leveling from level one to 30 than you could earn with IP beforehand, and that earning BE beyond level 30 isn't as difficult as players are making it out to be.

To add insult to injury, the BE being added to the daily bonus is only 50—which is one ninth of the cheapest champion you can buy in the game.

This means that there likely won't be many more improvements to the BE system, like daily missions comparable to Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm or a flat-out increase to BE rewards across the board. If those features are on the way, Riot's forum post didn't allude to them at all, although it did say it will make leveling up beyond level 30 slightly easier, so there will be more chances for BE at the very least.

If the complaints keep coming, Riot may make earning BE easier, even if it's just slightly, but keep in mind that this could also be the end of BE changes for a while, despite the community's unrest.

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