Riot accidentally gifts League players extra Galaxies 2020 season pass mission

That's very kind.

Image via Riot Games

Riot said on April 22 it would be giving League of Legends Galaxies Pass owners tokens as a way to make up for the “widespread service issues” during the event. That simple task didn’t seem to be so simple after all, though.

Riot Games Support’s Twitter account sent out a tweet earlier today, saying the developers had actually released the extra mission, the vessel in which pass owners could earn tokens, to all players. Instead of removing the mission from non-pass owners’ accounts, Riot said everyone should just enjoy the gifted tokens.

Ben “Draggles” Forbes, the communication lead of Wild Rift, poked fun at the error in a tweet. This isn’t the first error Riot has made during the Galaxies season pass, though.

Due to a separate issue with tokens with the pass, Riot gave pass owners an extra Weekly Wins mission, which netted the players 140 tokens.

For this latest mishap, pass owners in EUW were set to receive 175 tokens, while BR and NA players got 150, and 120 tokens went to the other regions, according to Justin “Xenogenic” Hanson, the League design lead for events. All players need to do to get these tokens is play one game before May 11, when the mission expires.