Reworked Fiddlesticks’ Eternals “quietly” running in live games, won’t activate until League Patch 10.8

Riot needs more data.

Image via Riot Games

Fiddlesticks fans hoping to track their stats when playing the creepiest being in Runeterra will have to wait a bit longer.

League of Legends design lead Justin “Xenogenic” Hanson discussed Fiddlesticks’ Eternals today, which still haven’t been updated since its rework went live in Patch 10.7. While players won’t be able to see the Eternals until Patch 10.8, the Riot dev explained that they’re “quietly” running in live games right now.

“Fiddle’s new eternals are currently (quietly) running in live games so we can gather data around how often they increment,” Xenogenic said. “We have to get that data before we can tune the milestones.”

Riot likely needs a better understanding of how often players can achieve specific Fiddle mechanics before pushing its Eternals live. Once the dev team gathers enough data, they’ll be able to tweak his milestones appropriately.

The old Fiddlesticks’ Eternals weren’t exactly captivating. The Murder of Crows Eternal, for example, awarded milestones for the number of takedowns players get with Crowstorm (R). While that’s an important part of the Harbinger of Doom’s kit, simply ulting on top of enemies isn’t the most difficult accomplishment.

It’s unclear how different the reworked Eternals will be. But since Fiddlesticks’ new kit is more unique, his milestones will likely follow suit.