Rek’Sai is getting changed again for the third patch in a row

The Void Burrower's ultimate is next on the hit list.

Image via Riot Games

Rek’Sai is becoming quite the AD powerhouse in the jungle. Despite dramatic increases to both winrate and playrate following the last patch, she’s being targeted with even more buffs, according to the latest PBE update. This time, it’s her new ultimate ability that’s getting some love.

It’s no secret Rek’Sai’s gameplay update in Patch 7.11 was a bit of a doozy. The update aimed to transform her from the tank she was into an AD-heavy assassin-diver hybrid. Unfortunately, she wasn’t given enough damage to compensate for her newfound squishiness, and so her winrate plummeted to the very lowest of all junglers in League of Legends—a depressing 44 percent, according to League stats site

Luckily for fans of Rek’Sai, Riot is usually on the ball when it comes to fixing broken champions, and she was certainly broken in the worst possible way. Buffs were dished out to add a respectable AD scaling to her Unburrow, which basically added another damaging spell to her toolkit, and her ultimate was made much harder to dodge. It’s hard to believe due to how poorly she was doing mere days before Patch 7.12’s buffs, but they really did work. She now sits at a healthy 51 percent winrate and a three percent playrate.

Riot isn’t stopping at “healthy,” though, because more buffs were just added to the PBE, slated for Patch 7.13 in a couple of weeks. The buff increases the AD scaling on her ultimate from 160 percent bonus AD to 185 percent bonus AD—a significant jump. With Patch 7.12’s buff to her ultimate, which forces players to blow flash or another high movement ability to escape her ultimate, this is going to make her level six power much, much higher.

There are still an odd amount of people building her as a tank, despite the removal of her multiple-person knockup and the changes to her regeneration, so this increased AD scaling might persuade those players to finally build her as she was designed. Unfortunately, she already has a ton of high AD scaling, so if they haven’t been convinced yet, this probably won’t do the trick either.