Raring to go: Rekkles excited for Karmine Corp’s major offline event next week

The Swede is motivated to play in front of a live audience.

Photo via Riot Games

LFL’s Karmine Corp bot laner Rekkles has expressed his high expectations ahead of the French organization’s major offline event next week.

“The KCX is going to be fun,” he said in a recent stream. “Probably the coolest thing I’ve done in a while. I’m really happy for the opportunity, to be honest.”

The offline event will be held in a 12,000-seat arena in Paris, France on June 21. It’ll feature a League of Legends match, as well as a VALORANT match and live music performance.

Rekkles added that he didn’t regret leaving the LEC to join the Karmine Corp in November 2021, saying he was in “the right team, with the right fans.”

This will be the second offline event with a live audience hosted by the French organization. Rekkles played in front of a live audience once in the LFL and will play an offline match once again on July 21.

Only two years after being formed, Karmine Corp has created one of the most engaged esports fanbases in Europe. It’s also the first esports organization to host a fan event in such a large venue. “I’m not sure if any other team could do this, this way,” Rekkles said.

The Swedish player is known for always playing at his best when he’s in front of a crowd, and he has expressed numerous times how offline matches have motivated him to play better.

In February, the last time he played in front of a live audience, the team ended a losing streak by stomping their opponent, and Rekkles even scored a pentakill in the match.

This time, however, the audience will be bigger than ever. He will play in the same venue as the 2018 LCS EU Summer playoffs, where he won the LEC title with his former team Fnatic.

The KCX will see Karmine Corp play Vitality Bee on June 21 at 3pm CT.


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