Red Bull Solo Q one-vs-one competition returns to North America for 2021 season

The competition will feature regional and national events.

Image via Red Bull

Red Bull is partnering with the LCS to bring the Red Bull Solo Q one-vs-one experience back to North America. 

The League of Legends competition will be open to amateur players across the U.S. and Canada. Qualifiers start on May 29 and registration is open now for all local competitors. 

During this event, players will compete in one-vs-one matches where they only play the top lane of Summoner’s Rift. Players can claim victory by being the first to get two kills in under seven minutes, getting one kill after seven minutes, destroying the opposing player’s outer turret, or achieving a 100-minion creep score first. 

Over 80,000 players signed up to compete in Red Bull Solo Q last year, competing for prizes and the Red Bull Solo Q trophy. 

“Last year’s Red Bull Solo Q tournament in North America provided thrilling competition for fans and amateur players alike,” said Matt Archambault, head of esports partnerships for NA and OCE at Riot Games. “We’re excited to continue our partnership with Red Bull and bring the tournament back for another year, as we find new ways for fans to experience LoL competition in North America.”          

This year, Red Bull Solo Q will feature appearances from former pro League player and LCS analyst Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo, Gen.G’s Nicki Taylor, and more. 

All qualifiers in both the U.S. and Canada will be restricted to players who live in the regions surrounding each listed location. Depending on local COVID-19 restrictions, U.S. regional qualifiers could be held in-person or as geo-gated online events, while all of the Canadian qualifiers will be online, geo-gated events. 

The winner of each qualifier will secure a spot in either the U.S. or Canada Finals, which is where the top amateur players from each region will battle for a spot in the global finals later this year in Germany. Here are all the dates and locations for those qualifiers, which will run from May 29 to Nov. 14, including the National Open Qualifiers that apply to players nationwide.


  • St. Louis – May 29
  • New Orleans – June 5
  • Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles – June 12
  • Nation Open Qualifier One – June 27
  • Atlanta -July 10
  • National Open Qualifier Two – July 25
  • San Francisco, Orlando, and Dalas – July 31
  • Salt Lake City – Aug. 14
  • Boston and Columbus – Aug. 28
  • National Open Qualifier Three – Aug. 29
  • National Open Qualifier Four – Nov. 14


  • East and West Qualifier – Sept. 18 and Oct. 2
    • East: Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island
    • West: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, NW Territories, and Nunavut 
  • Open Qualifier – Oct. 16

The National Finals dates have yet to be decided for either region and will be announced closer to the end of the qualifier season.

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