13 November 2017 - 20:35

Ranked borders and Victorious Graves are available now

Borders, wards, and skins, oh my.
Image via Riot Games

The 2017 season rewards are officially live in North America, complete with Victorious Graves, ward icons, and ranked borders—the whole package.

Unlike the ward skins you may have unlocked from achieving high levels of honor, there doesn't appear to be a notification to let you know that you've received the awards, so you may have missed it.

Nonetheless, the ranked rewards are here, at least on the North American server. The ranked borders may disappoint some people, as they look the same as last year's, but they have updated to reflect your rank from this year.

Your profile will have a new banner indicating your rank as well.

It's possible that Riot will update the look of the ranked borders, and they were just updated to reflect your rank today without the new look just yet, but as of right now, the borders are the same.

If you haven't received your rewards just yet, they should be here soon, according to Riot's comms specialist Ben Forbes.

Don't forget—Victorious Graves comes with different chromas depending on what ranked queue you received rewards in. If you missed out on ranked rewards this year, don't worry, there's always next year.

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